THE BRONX - Months after a Bronx livery cab driver was killed, his wife has given birth to a baby girl.

Kadiatu Jalloh gave birth to the eight-pound girl at Mount Sinai Hospital on Saturday.

In September, her husband Mamadou Barry was shot and killed while driving his cab late at night by a passenger, who police say ran away from the scene.

Jalloh's sister-in-law, Mariam Barry, says her brother was everything to the family, and that seeing the new baby girl is bittersweet.

"We were waiting for a long time, we are happy to see the baby, but it's kind of sad," she says.

Police identified the killer as Nicholas Sanchez. Sanchez pleaded not guilty to second- degree murder in October.

Jalloh says she hopes the suspect gets what he deserves, but with a new child she says she's grateful that her family is by her side.

Jalloh says she doesn't have a name for the baby just yet.  She says that in her culture, it's customary to wait seven days after giving birth before choosing a name.