WILLIAMSBRIDGE - Tenants who survived a fire in Williamsbridge are now uncertain of their future.

A fire ripped through a third-floor apartment in their apartment building on 870 East 220th St. on Wednesday.

Now, the tenants say that they are in limbo and they are not sure what’s going to happen next, as Red Cross temporary housing has ended and the future of their building is unknown.

Some tenants have returned to their apartments without word about when or if the damage will be cleared.

The Department of Buildings is still investigating to see if the property is livable.

They say there are two open building violations. One is an extension to the building, which was built without permit, and blocks the drop ladder on the fire escape. The second violation is unauthorized modifications to the first and second floors, converting one apartment into two.

Residents say they are surprised to hear that the building they were living in was not up to code.

News 12 reached out to the owners of the building for their reaction and statement on the building’s violations, but has not heard back.