WILLIAMSBRIDGE - A Williamsbridge day care is among those that are being taken over by other providers, leaving some teachers out of work and families confused.

The Williamsbridge NAACP Early Childhood Education Center on East 219th Street is among at least 12 day cares that have to close across the city.

For about 44 years, generations of children have attended the day care center. Now the Administration for Children's Services has found another provider to take the day care's place.

Teachers say they were surprised by the news because the Department of Education had just authorized the center to participate in universal pre-K. But ACS says the day care center no longer qualifies.

ACS said in a statement, "Providing affordable, quality early education is a priority for this administration, and we are actively working with these providers to find alternate funding options."

The Williamsbridge day care center is scheduled to close June 30.