THE BRONX - Tenants affected by a fire in Williamsbridge Wednesday say they've been given a 24-hour evacuation order from their landlord.

Everdean Codner let News 12 into his 220th Street apartment, two days after flames forced him to drop his 11-month-old twin sons from a second-story window into the arms of his friend, Jermaine Shirley.

Shirley says he's happy that he was able to help save everyone's life, but now they are all going to be homeless.

The fire ripped through 870 East 220th St., leaving almost six apartments completely destroyed and a host of families without homes.

Codner returned to his apartment of 14 years on Friday to try and salvage whatever he could, but says the attempt was unsuccessful, as everything is stained with ash and soot.

Many tenants say their voucher from Red Cross expires at 12 p.m. on Friday. With no where to go, they are worried about where they will sleep.

News 12 reached out to the Department of Buildings to confirm the mandatory evacuation and learn the fate of the building, but it has not yet responded.