THE BRONX - Many are wondering how a four-story fall by a young girl on Andrews Avenue could have been prevented.

As News 12 reported, the 7-year-old girl fell Monday from her fourth-floor apartment on Andrews Avenue and onto the pavement below.

Video shows the girl standing up minutes later and walking away with minimal injuries. Police say the girl has autism and is unable to communicate verbally.

"She was limping a lot, so I put her arm over my shoulder so she would walk better," says Daniel Castro, who says he climbed out of his window to help the girl after witnessing the fall.

Window guards are required by law in buildings that have three or more apartments or tenants who live with children 10 years old or younger.

Additionally, landlords must give tenants a form stating that window guards are required when signing a lease.

Police say they believe the girl climbed onto a fire escape before falling. Neighbors say they think she was trying to retrieve a cat she saw.

It is unclear if the window the girl fell out of was the only one leading to a fire escape from her apartment. In that case, a window guard would not be required.

The girl is in stable condition, according to officials.