THE BRONX - Dangerous winds ripped through the Bronx today, taking down trees and wires.

At 168th Street and Boston Road, a tree that many local residents described as unstable, fell to pieces on top of a car. Authorities were called to the scene to block off the street and clean up the debris.

Over near the Grand Concourse and 183rd Street, bricks flew off an apartment building. Fire officials say the structure is old and the damage could have been caused by a combination of gusty winds and water behind the bricks.

At Bronx Boulevard and Rosewood Street, strong winds toppled a tree that took down several live wires. The nasty weather also caused 600 people in Pelham Gardens to lose power earlier in the day, but it has since been restored.Weather CenterWatch News 12Watch News 12 Traffic and WeatherSubmitPhotos/Video

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