THE BRONX - ? A number of witnesses testified against Eddy Coello today, who is accused of killing and dumping the body of his wife last year.

Eddy Coello, 41, is accused of fatally beating and choking Tina Adovasio and then dumping her body along the Taconic Parkway.

Monica Rodriguez, who had a child with Coello 19 years ago, took the stand today. She testified that Coello called her after Adovasio's remains were recovered by police. Rodriguez says she asked him, "You did it, didn't you?" She testified that Coello replied, "Yes, I did it. We fought, I snapped, I'll probably get five to 20 years. Please be sure to take care of our daughter."

Margo Palladines, a personal trainer who instructed Tina Adovasio four days a week, also took the stand today. She testified that Adovasio spoke of getting a divorce from Coello and said he was abusive. Palladines said she noticed bruises on Adovasio in the gym's steam room, and said the victim was afraid to call police because Coello had threatened to kill her.

Coello's lawyers maintain that Adovasio's death was not intentional. If convicted of second-degree murder, the former cop faces 25 years to life behind bars.Victim's colleague testifies in Coello murder trialProsecutors play surveillance video in ex-cop's murder trialMurder trial for former NYPD officer continues in BronxTrial begins for Bronx man accused of dumping wife's body in WCEx-cop pleads not guilty in wife's murderEx-cop indicted in wife's strangulation death