HUNTS POINT - A Hunts Point neighborhood got a rude awakening Thursday morning as police and the FBI showed up knocking on doors.

Police and federal officials are not giving much information on the case, but Hoe Avenue residents say they heard loud banging - at first, thinking it could have been an explosion of some sort.

Witnesses tell News 12 The Bronx that police broke down four apartment doors at 914 Hoe Ave. and took several people into custody to question them.

"I guess they were trying to find something. Or find someone. We were sitting in here on the floor the whole time while they were just banging on everyone's door and everything," says witness Fantaisha Tucker. "They shot a bullet through my brother's door and pulled my step-mom out of the bed."

Neighbors say Hoe Avenue was swarming with police cars and a SWAT team around 5 a.m.

When News 12 arrived on the scene, there were plenty of unmarked police cars, as well as members of both the FBI and NYPD's narcotics team. There's still no official word on what sparked the early morning wakeup call from local and federal investigators.