THE BRONX - The woman arrested in connection with a fatal 14-story plunge off a West Farms balcony was denied bail today.

According to investigators, 20-year-old Sienna Edwards died after delivering gifts to her ex-boyfriend's young daughter. Court documents say 23-year-old Kenya Edmonds, the child's mother, threatened Edwards with a knife and allegedly told her she was only leaving in a body bag.

Authorities say Edwards may have tried to get away from Edmonds by attempting to jump to a neighboring balcony when she fell.

The ex-boyfriend, Carl Purcell, also appeared in court. He is accused of attacking Edmonds after learning about Edwards' death.

Edmonds' mother says that her daughter was a victim of domestic violence at the hand of Purcell, whom she had a restraining order against.

Edmonds faces second-degree murder and manslaughter charges.