THE BRONX - What was supposed to be a fun-filled day turned into a day of frustration for a Woodlawn woman last month.

Jocelyne Jeannot says she faced strict parking enforcement laws inside at Allen Shandler Recreation Area in Van Cortlandt Park while entertaining a dozen of her closest friends.

Jeannot says two of her friends received parking tickets for $95 each after they parked their vehicles in the center's parking lot.

Jeannot and her friends say they looked around for signs that would emphasize wrongdoing on their parts after the tickets were issued, but say none could be found.

News 12's Rai Raimundi discovered two confusing signs at the parking lot. One of the signs says that the park closes at 10 p.m., while the other says it closes at 7 p.m.

Jeannot claims that the new parking signs were placed in the parking lot after she contacted Van Cortlandt Park Administration.

A spokeswoman for the park says park enforcement patrol officers have posted signs announcing the park's closing at 7 p.m. every weekend since May 15, 2015. The spokeswoman also claims that officers would alert parkgoers of the lot's closing and inform them to move their vehicles.

Jeannot insists that there were never any signs or warnings by patrol officers.

Jeannot says both of her friends went to court for the parking ticket violations. A judge rendered a not guilty verdict for one friend while the other was made to pay a fine.

Jeannot says she has been visiting the park for many years and has always parked her car in the area.