THE BRONX - A woman living inside a NYCHA complex in the Bronx says she has been living without a bathroom sink for over a year. 

Dorthy Febus says every time she turns on her bathroom sink inside her Clason Point Gardens home the water backs up and causes flooding. 

Febus says her neighbor has the same issue and bets other people inside the building do too. 

She says a plumber did try to fix the issue about a year ago and it worked, but not for long.

But that's not her only problem, she says there are raccoons living in her attic. They get into the attic by climbing up a tree near the building. 

She says the heat and hot water also go out too. Febus says she has submitted multiple tickets to NYCHA complaining about the issues. 

A spokesperson for NYCHA says a plumber is going to look at the bathroom sink tomorrow and they say a contractor will investigate the raccoon issues.