THE BRONX - A survey by the National Retail Federation says fewer people will be celebrating Halloween this year.

According to NRF's Halloween spending survey, nearly 158 million consumers will participate in Halloween activities, which is slightly less than the survey high of 170 million people last year. Those that are planning to celebrate are scaling down their budgets; according to the survey, shoppers will spend less on everything from candy to decorations.

One part of the trick-or-treating that will remain the same as previous years is costumes. Consumers will shell out $1.04 billion on children's costumes, and $1.22 billion on adult costumes.

About one-fourth of U.S. consumers say the reason for the cost cutting is the state of the economy.

News 12 asked Bronx residents how they plan to spend on Halloween. Some said they want to save money for the winter holidays, while others said their spending will remain consistent with previous years.