NEW YORK - A racial category is sparking outrage from a potential New York City juror.

Raeana Roberson, a 25-year-old teacher from Queens, took to social media saying she was offended by the term "negro" on an information card she was asked to fill out for jury duty. The information card is state issued, and is the same one given to jurors at any New York courthouse.

A picture of the form was posted on Facebook, showing the race category as "black, African-American or negro." Roberson crossed out the last word, calling it offensive because of its ties to segregation and racial discrimination.

News 12 asked Bronx residents about their opinion. Many agree that the term is offensive, but others weren't bothered by its use.

The state court system gets its racial categories from the Census Bureau, which did away with the word "negro" at the beginning of this year. Experts say that New York's courts will soon do the same.