THE BRONX - Social media is used for everything these days, from keeping up with politicians, favorite athletes and other interests. But, the jury is still out on whether public figures are really managing their own accounts.

Mayor Bill de Blasio is in hot water for a series of tweets that were sent from his Twitter account in support of the Mets during the World Series.

One of the tweets said:

"Something happens when you're a Sox fan living here for a few decades. You slowly fall in love with the Mets."

The issue isn't the context of de Blasio's tweet, but the fact that he didn't type the words himself. One of his aides tweeted on his behalf.

News 12 hit the street to ask residents how they feel about public figures not managing their own social media accounts.

Residents had mixed feelings about the issue. While some say public figures should manage their own social media accounts, others say if they choose to have someone else manage the accounts, they should at the very least approve the posts before they go live.

Mayor de Blasio did approve of the tweets before they were posted on his Twitter account.