THE BRONX - Workers at a tire shop in East Tremont say they may have identified the person behind a string of thefts.

Zeny Tires and Rims on East Tremont Avenue has been victimized at least five times in the last six months, losing an estimated $10,000 in merchandise. The store recently purchased a security camera system to catch the thief, and now says the cameras caught him in the act two or three times. 

They say there’s sometimes more than one person, but they see the same guy in all of the burglaries. 

Surveillance video from last Friday morning shows a young man hop a fence and climb down a tire rack. They say he headed over to knock down the security camera as soon as he spotted it.

Employees say what the camera wasn't able to catch was the thief getting away with tires and rims. They hope they got a clear video of him to bring the crimes to an end.

“We are waiting for them to catch the suspect because if not we're going to have to shut down because we're losing more than we're bringing in. And it's slow now. So what are we going to do?” property owner Jose Dominguez asks.

Police are asking anyone with information on the crimes to contact them.