THE BRONX - Workers at a 187th Street deli say a man who frequents the store may have taken part in a recent robbery there.

The workers, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, say three men entered the store on May 26 and one of them began to distract an employee by asking for diapers. Workers say another man then allegedly pulled out a handgun and held the employee at gunpoint while the store was robbed.

According to the deli's workers, the suspect who distracted the employee has returned to the store recently. Police officials, who made surveillance tape of the incident available to News 12 The Bronx, have not confirmed he's one of the suspects on the video.

The deli's owners say they plan on taking extra precautions and will cut back on the store's 24-hour business day. Other merchants on 187th Street say they'll have to remain vigilant.