THE BRONX - One Bronx resident is making a "fresh" start after being wrongfully convicted and spending years in prison.

Eric Glisson, 38, was released from prison last October. He spent 17 years and nine months in prison for a murder he did not commit.

Now, Glisson is the proud owner of a new juice bar on Westchester Avenue that recently opened. The juice bar is named Fresh Take and serves fresh vegetables, fruits and drinks. It has also given him a fresh start in life.

"You're going from this dark place to some place that's way better," Glisson says.

Glisson was able to start his business with the help of Jeffrey Deskovic, who was also wrongfully convicted of murder, and served 16 years in prison. Deskovic has been out of prison for the past seven years and has a foundation, the JD Foundation for Justice, that helps those who find themselves with nowhere to go when they are released from prison.

He and Glisson were in prison at the same time. Glisson says he was inspired by Deskovic when Deskovic was released from prison, and he decided to re-investigate his own case. Glisson eventually lead detectives to the two people who committed the crimes for which he was convicted in 1995.

While in prison, Glisson took college courses and graduated with his bachelor's degree in May. He says he plans to go to law school next fall.

As for Fresh Start, Glisson has four employees and has his sights set on opening up more juice bars.