SOUTH BRONX - Advocates for parks around Yankee Stadium are charging that the city and the baseball club have not followed through on promises to restore land being used for a new stadium. Originally, city and state elected officials gave up 25 acres of historic South Bronx parkland the Yankees said they needed to begin construction on a new stadium. The Yankees organization promised the community it would get back all of the land and more.

According to a new report by NYC Park Advocates, only 21 acres will be replaced. Park advocates claim the city has come up with a replacement plan to make up for the deficit. However, they say 58 percent of the replacement acreage already exists as mapped parkland.

Meanwhile, parkgoers say they miss the old grounds.?Not only did you have jogging and running, you had football and soccer and more space. In this area, all you can do is just run,? says Benny Cruz, who for the past 42 years has been a frequent visitor to the parks around the stadium. The Department of Parks & Recreation declined comment to News 12 The Bronx on this report.