THE BRONX - Less than two weeks before the beginning of a new school year, Yankee Stadium and Lincoln Hospital joined together to provide free vaccinations to Bronx children.

The staff of Lincoln Hospital has immunized dozens of kids free of charge at the stadium, allowing parents to save about $100 on each shot.

?This is our home, this is our backyard so you have to take care of home, that's what we're doing today,? says Brian Smith, a representative of the New York Yankees.

Dr. Katherine Sezme, of Lincoln Hospital, says the vaccines that are administered to the children were developed to prevent serious illnesses, including measles and mumps, which in the past have often lead to death.

In addition to free shots, a few lucky children left the stadium with free tickets to a Yankees game.

?It felt good, because I can come to Yankee Stadium, and I?ve been asking my dad to take me here forever,? says Dymon Crew, who was vaccinated Wednesday.

Officials say having this event at Yankee Stadium, especially in its last year, was the most effective way to reach Bronx kids.