THE BRONX - As part of a fundraiser, a Zumba class is providing a workout fit for a princess.

The fundraiser was for an organization named Princess for a Lifetime, in honor of 11-year-old Marisol Santiago. The organization was founded by her mother.

Santiago was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer when she was 4 years old and her mother wanted her to forget that she was sick. Her mother says that seeing her daughter laying in a hospital bed was heartbreaking. She says the only thing she could do to place Marisol's mind elsewhere was to dress her up as a character and create a fantasy life. Now, they decided to continue that fantasy for other sick children.

Marisol says she wants to help kids in the same position that she was in. She has been cancer-free for seven years now and plans bring the fundraiser party to Lucille Roberts on Feb. 23.