BRONX - The Thain family forest at the New York Botanical Garden is the largest urban overgrowth forest in New York City.  

Park officials say there are least 50 acres of forest to see, and the leaves will be peaking soon.

They recommend checking the Garden’s website too for its fall foliage tracker, which provides up-to-date information about when the leaves will be in peak.

So far, park officials tell News 12 the Bronx only 30 percent of the leaves are at peak color.

They recommend visiting the forest when the peak color has reached 80 to 100 percent foliage.

Officials say the leaves will typically peak in mid-October to early November, and that is when visitors can see all of the fall colors.

Park officials say leaves change color to prepare for winter, and they put a lot of energy into building different color pigments.

They also say the type of tree affects the color of the leaf.