CITY ISLAND - Some people in City Island are fired up as the city moves forward with a construction project that they worry will change their community.

Some residents say their favorite part about their home is its historic charm, and that the City Island Bridge is part of this allure. However, the city's Department of Transportation says it is going to get rid of the current bridge and build a new, modern one in its place.

The new, nearly $103 million bridge will have a modern vibe. Some people in City Island say they agree it is time for a new bridge after years of wear and tear, but they say this is a far cry from what they want. They are complaining that they never had the chance to vote and that the DOT never asked for their input.

In a statement, the DOT says it has let City Island residents be a part of the decision as much as possible, including “outreach with local elected officials, civic associations and community members."

Before construction can begin, the project needs approval from City Comptroller John Liu. Liu's office says he has 21 days left to either accept or reject the plan.