SOUNDVIEW - State Sen. Jeff Klein says that a ShopRite will be opening in Bruckner Plaza at the end of this year.

“I’m proud to report it’s going to be a ShopRite, which means fresh produce, fresh meats,” says Klein.

The recent closure of Bruckner Plaza’s Key Food marks just one of many supermarket closures over the last year, leaving Soundview residents without a local grocery store.

Residents say the string of closures has made it difficult to eat healthy, and that a new store can’t come soon enough. They say traveling to other grocery stores is an inconvenience and can be dangerous in frigid temperatures.

"It's better to have it close to home, go there during the daytime. We're vulnerable," says Frank Colon, of Soundview.

Many agree it will be worth the wait.

“You get more for your dollar with ShopRite. I love ShopRite,” says Deborah Feldman, of Soundview.