THE BRONX - A woman is furious after her car was towed while she shopped at a T.J. Maxx in the Cross Bronx Plaza.

Ana Calderon says her car was towed from a parking lot designated for customers.

She says she went in the store for 20 minutes and has a receipt to prove it.

"I work too hard for my money and they take my car for nothing," Calderon said.

Several other people also say that customers are towed fairly often.

The towing company says that Calderon parked and then walked away from the plaza even though there are signs posted around the area warning drivers not to do so.

A member of the management company of the plaza also said they only tow cars that are parked illegally.

The management company claims that they sent out a letter to tenants to warn customers on where they can and cannot park.

Calderon remains confident she did nothing illegal and wants a refund.