Commuters call for full-size trains to reduce crowding on G line in Williamsburg
Commuters who ride the G line to travel between Brooklyn and Queens are calling for full-size trains to be added in an effort to reduce overcrowding.
The G line did run full-sized trains back in 2016 to accommodate for the L train shutdowns, but it's since been reduced to four train cars.
"My district and the districts along the G train have always deserved better service, but the reality is that these districts have grown astronomically," says Assembly Member Emily Gallagher.
Commuters tell News 12 they would also like to see faster, more frequent service on the G train.
"I think that it would be a great idea, infrastructure is all here, platform is already full length, they ran the full cars back in the 80s, why can't they do it again?" says commuter Joe Cook.
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority says after evaluating ridership numbers, it has determined that the G line is not overloaded and there's no need to run longer trains. Officials say they also don't have enough cars to lengthen the G train.

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