Police: Man charged for beating 2-year-old to death in Bergen Beach
A 2-year-old boy was beaten to death Sunday in Bergen Beach, according to police. The mother’s boyfriend is now in custody and charged with the boy’s murder.
Police say the boy was killed inside a home on East 68th Street. by Latrell Lewis, 23, who has now been charged with murder. They say Lewis lived inside the home but was not related to the toddler.
Police say someone who was watching the child called them just before noon. They told the dispatcher the toddler was injured and not feeling well. It’s not clear who had supervision of the toddler when he was brutally beaten.
Police say when officers arrived at the two-story residential home, that’s when they made the gruesome discovery. They say the 2-year-old boy was unconscious and had bruises throughout his stomach. He was rushed to a nearby hospital but unfortunately it was too late.
According to police, the medical examiner later revealed the boy had trauma throughout his head and entire body.

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