Tabula Rasa Dance Company using art to shed light on gender-based violence among college students
A local dance company that uses art to shed light on issues within society has a new initiative to address sexual assault on college campuses - carrying mannequins as they dance to symbolize the heavy burden of trauma that victims of sexual abuse carry daily. 
The Tabula Rasa Dance Company is using art to shed light on the issue of gender-based violence among college students. 
The dance program is titled “One of Four.” It is named after a statistic from the Association of American Universities that say one in four women experience sexual assault on campus. 
They say dancers are not only expressing their outrage but also hope to inspire compassion. Dancers have performed at venues but mostly outside in public spaces, hoping to bring this message to as many people as possible in the community. 
They are currently rehearsing for their next performance at Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx. 
The dance program runs until the end of August.

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