Community pitches in to save Brooklyn diner in business for nearly a century

A Brooklyn diner that has been in business for nearly a century is now struggling to stay open due to the pandemic.
Kelloggs Diner, located at the intersection of Union and Metropolitan avenues, has become a fixture in Williamsburg.
"Kelloggs Diner is a staple of New York," says owner Irene Siderakis. "We're known as the after-party place. At 3 a.m. on a weekend here you cannot find a place to sit."
Siderakis now fears that she might have to close after struggling through the city's first shutdown.
"Those weeks alone being closed was something that put a big toll on me," says Siderakis. "I lost a lot of business."
The mother of four tragically lost her husband in 2018. Siderakis' husband purchased the restaurant in 2013 and she wants to keep his legacy alive.
With the city starting to close places again to due spikes in COVID cases, Siderakis is worried.
Siderakis is asking the community for help by starting a GoFundMe page with a goal of $100,000. She is grateful for the support so far.
"It was incredible. One morning the phones were on fire and they're saying we want to help the diner, we want to help the diner," says Siderakis
Siderakis is doing all she can to stay open and has faith that the people she has served over the years will step in and help.