Exclusive video shows dramatic takedown of man accused of fatally shooting woman in City Island

Editor's Note: This video contains graphic scenes that some viewers may find disturbing.
Video from a police source has been obtained by News 12 that shows the man being hit by a car twice after he allegedly shot and killed a construction worker in City Island.
In the video, you can see the suspect flip and tumble off of the car while his bike gets destroyed. The car then reverses and drags him backward.
Moments later, another man comes over and starts punching the suspect on top of the car.
Police say the gunman, who killed 52-year-old Lizbeth Mass Wednesday, brought her food before the shooting.
Mass was working as a flag woman at a construction site when the 66-year-old suspect interacted with her.
Lizbeth Mass. Photo Credit: Robert Terner. Lizbeth Mass. Photo Credit: Robert Terner.
Authorities say the two knew each other but weren't close. They say the suspect wanted to be more than friends with the victim.
The two seemingly had an argument, and police say the suspect left and then came back on a bike and shot and killed Mass.
News 12 is told the victim's boyfriend was in the area, saw what was happening and chased the suspect with his vehicle.
News 12 is told he struck the 66-year-old, who was fleeing.
A bystander, John Garisto, says he helped the boyfriend catch the alleged shooter.
"The guy's telling me, 'he's got a gun, he's got a gun and he shot my friend,'" Garisto says.
"When I realized the gun was behind us in the street laying down, that's when we held him."
Lisa, a neighbor of Mass, says she was a loving woman who cared about her family and had recently lost her mother to COVID.
Her neighbor also says she loved her job in construction.
"She was very inspiring because she was in construction," Lisa says. "I always admired women who I saw waving their flags and working in construction."
Colleagues of Mass gathered for a small memorial in her honor Thursday. They stood by her helmet, her gloves, glasses and neon vest near where she was working when she was shot.
The construction manager told News 12 that Mass was like a mother figure to the crew and had a magnetic personality.
News 12 is told the suspected gunman is in the hospital and charges are pending.
News 12 is told it's unlikely that the victim's boyfriend will face any charges.