Residents of Lodi apartment complex forced out of homes due to damage from Ida

Residents of a Lodi apartment complex were evicted Sunday night due to the damage from Wednesday's storm.
Lucia Adler says she's now homeless after spending 10 years at Vista Garden Apartments. Her apartment and car were destroyed by Ida.
Adler says she's being evicted with 30 days' notice and a security deposit consolation prize.
According to the residents of Vista Garden Apartments, Gabriel Property Management, which manages the apartment complex, is terminating the leases of at least 45 first-floor units.
Leslie Garcia and her family have lived at the complex for 9 years and now have to find somewhere else to live in a short amount of time - but for now they have nowhere else to go.
Residents tell News 12 they are frustrated because management hasn't offered a temporary solution for its displaced residents.
Apartments on the second floor of the complex were virtually unaffected and those residents are able to stay in their homes - however, those with garages suffered damages.
Laura French Spada, a manager of Gabriel Property Management, says the insurance only covers the buildings. She says since Ida has been declared a disaster by FEMA, residents can get aid through FEMA and management will offer a cleanout service.
Any residents who already paid September rent will get that money back and residents are welcome to come back after repairs are done.
Management also says it won't be raising rent due to the repairs.