STORM WATCH: Tracking heavy rain, wind this afternoon ahead of Sunday cooldown

News 12 meteorologists say there is a chance for storms this afternoon into the evening before a cooldown on Sunday.
TODAY - PM WX ALERT - TIER YELLOW: Gorgeous to start, nice throughout the day with a mix of sun and passing clouds. Highs near 76. Showers and a thunderstorm or two will move in across the area between 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. Some storms may be strong to severe, with the primary threat being damaging wind gust near 50-60 mph.
UNCERTAINTY: Showers and a storm or two are expected. The uncertainty lies with where and if there will be severe thunderstorm warnings. Overall, we should still plan and anticipate that there would be a severe thunderstorm with the primary threat being gusty/damaging winds. 
SUNDAY - WX TO WATCH: Sunny, but brisk and gusty - 20-30mph gusts throughout the day which will likely make it feel much cooler. Highs near 64. Lows near 51.
MONDAY: Mostly cloudy. Breezy. Highs near 61. Lows near 50.
TUESDAY: Sunny and breezy. Highs near 67. Lows near 53.
WEDNESDAY: Sunny, with a high near 69, low around 55.
THURSDAY: Mostly sunny, with a high near 70,  a low around 56.
FRIDAY: Partly sunny,  light showers possible. High near 70, a low around 57