Nassau sisters ready to help seniors navigate tricky vaccine process

For teens Ava and Lily Weinstein, sisters from Roslyn Estates, technology comes easy - but for their grandparents and many other senior citizens, it can be a challenge.
After their grandparents had a difficult time registering online for a COVID-19 vaccine appointment they decided to jump in and help.
The girls admit it even took them a few days to figure out the system, but once they did, they decided to help out more seniors in the community. They handed out flyers and have heard back from at least 20 people.
However, a lack of vaccine availability has required them to put those seniors on a waiting list.
"We can take peoples’ names. We can call them back. We're willing to put everyone's names down on the waitlist until the vaccine is back in," says Lily.
Anyone who wishes to contact the girls for application help can do so on their website.