Party's over: Boardy Barn owners confirm popular Hampton Bays party spot is up for sale

A popular Hampton Bays party spot is now up for sale after 51 years in business.
The owners have confirmed to News 12 Long Island the 2.6-acre property is for sale now.
In a statement, the longtime owners thanked their loyal customers by saying, "Words could never convey how grateful we are to our loyal customers, friends & family from over the decades who make The Barn such a special place."
"The barn," as is affectionately known, was a rite of passage for some young people on the Island, and many memories were made at the business over the years, though some in the community are pleased that the beer-soaked bar and dance hall is up for sale.
"Sure, sure everyone has good memories there. It's like a staple and like growing up on Long Island," says Charlie Krahm, who lives just down the street from the community staple and admits he went there several decades ago as a younger man.
"It certainly had a reputation and the young people loved it. they flocked from, I think, New Jersey and Massachusetts," says Maria Hults, president of the Hampton Bays Civic Association.
Though there are some that hope there will be a second act for the old barn, but there are others who feel it is time to pack up the red and white tent and stop pouring the beer.
"Some young people were drunk, then come to the back here and then sometimes sleeping or still drinking," says resident Yoshie Kondo.
Other neighbors appreciated that the owners would host fundraisers and give back to the community.
"They went out of their way to be good neighbors, so it's all fine. I wish them well, the owners," says resident Jim Gordon.
Real estate agents say there has been tremendous interest in the property and that it does not have an official asking price.
So, will "The Barn" live on?
Its owners told News 12 Long Island "In the words of Yogi Berra: 'It ain't over 'til it's over.' "