Shelton EMT to run 24-hour ultramarathon to raise money for Echo House Ambulance, fellow EMT

Runs for charity are common, but one Shelton EMT is going beyond that by taking on a 24-hour ultramarathon.
Mike Pereiro takes it all in stride - rocks, inclines, whatever the obstacle. The ultramarathoner uses Sleeping Giant State Park as his personal training ground. He's only been running for a few years.
"I did my first Spartan Race in 2016 and that's what got me into it," said Pereiro.
His next challenge is this weekend when he'll run...and run...and run - for a full 24 hours, joining one of his passions with another.
"I'm an EMT over at Echo Hose Ambulance, as well as the Waterbury and Hartford area," said Pereiro. "Echo Hose is a lot of fun. You have very like-minded people. It's more of like a family atmosphere."
Pereiro's run will raise money to help Echo Hose get a new paramedic first responder vehicle.
"He's an amazing young man. He's very determined, very athletic and he's done a lot of great work over the last couple years," said Assistant Chief of Echo Hose Ambulance Joseph Laucella.
Half of the money will also go to fellow EMT Josh Henriquez.
"Josh works for Ansonia and Seymour EMS as well as Seymour Fire. Josh, unfortunately, got hit by a car up in Southington while he was training for a marathon," Pereiro said.
Pereiro doesn't know Henriquez personally but felt compelled to step up. He will begin his run at 8 p.m. Friday in Shelton. It's something he was able to do last year, when he raised $7,000 dollars for Echo Hose.
"He has helped us tremendously and is really an inspiration to so many people," said Laucella.
The last time he did this was in June of 2020, where it was 90 degrees.
"So this will be a little different, so we called it the Frozen 24," Pereiro said.
Pereiro's goals this year: 100 miles and $20,000 in donations.
"Just got to keep in mind what's at the end of this whole thing. Someone went out and got hit by a car – I think you can go on and just stay up for a day to…support him. Compared to what he's dealing with? It's nothing," said Pereiro.
The Frozen 24 starts and ends at Echo Hose Ambulance. The public is invited to come and cheer Pereiro on.
To learn more about the Frozen 24 click here. To donate click here.