Stratford police: 2 dogs in recovery following pit bull attack

Stratford police say two dogs are recovering from their injuries after a pit bull attacked them.
Sidney Vasquez says he was out walking his dog Jacob on Hawthorne Terrace Saturday when a pit bull rushed towards them.
The dog, a beagle terrier mix, was bit and his owner quickly picked him up and punched the pit bull causing it to scurry away.
"They're already tussling at each other, and I hear the 'yipe' and I knew immediately he got him! Immediately he got him!" Vasquez recalls. The dog owner says he feels lucky he wasn’t injured.
"At that point I took a chance. It wasn't until after I hit him that in my mind I said, 'what if that mouth was opened?' He would've actually crushed my hand," Vasquez says.
The pit bull bit Jacob on the chest.
At the veterinarian's office, Vasquez learned another dog was hurt in the same spot as well.
"The doctor came back in, says to me, 'yeah, that's the dog that was just brought in a few seconds ago. I have to treat him now first,'" Vasquez says.
The circumstances surrounding the other dog that was bit was not immediately clear.
According to officials, the biting dog has been isolated, and the case remains open for investigation.