We're Open: NYC Exotic Snax

One Bronx store open for business is serving up unique and unusual snacks from all over the world.
NYC Exotic Snax opened a year and a half ago in Bedford Park.
The shop imports chips, soft drinks, and other snackable goodies from different parts of the world.    
"It’s giving them a chance to try different things otherwise. They get to try it right here," says co-owner Rafael Lullanda.
Lullanda says he and his partners wanted to set themselves apart from other stores in the neighborhood, so they enlisted the help of friends from Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East and South America to bring the hottest snacks to the Bronx.        
"Whatever's new, whatever's hot, whatever is moving fast, people like; we tend to look for that; we have the friends in different countries that tell us what's good over there at the moment,” says Lullanda.
Other hot sellers include melon flavored Sunkist from South Korea and Japan's white peach soda, which costs about $15 a pop.
Still the owners say it's cheaper than an airline flight, and many don't seem to mind paying more to munch on these exotic snacks. The store will be opening its third location in New Jersey soon.