Activists rally in Sunset Park over school safety concerns

Activists gathered in Sunset Park Wednesday to express concerns over school safety.
There have been reports of coronavirus cases as educators head back to prepare for in-person classes.
Most of the people who attended the rally were teachers. Several dozen of the activists present are calling on Department of Education officials to prioritize safety.
They say many school buildings in the city are not up to par with cleaning and sanitizing protocols. They also say there aren’t enough masks, there’s improper ventilation, and that they don’t trust the track and trace process.
They also say that proper ventilation only means opening a window by a few inches in some schools.
"How can we expect to fix decades-old buildings and ventilation issues in a week? It’s not happening. And we knew it wasn’t happening. And to expect all those things to change when we've had decades of defunding schools and crumbling infrastructure, it’s just wrong,” said special-education teacher Annie Tan.