Best of the Bronx: Kiante Robinson

With songs streamed millions of times on multiple music platforms, one Bronx native’s music is reaching people all over the world.
South Bronx-native Kiante Robinson is a rapper on the rise.
"I've always been writing music, short stories, poems. That's what I like to do. I'm a writer, born-writer, so I just figured one day I'd find a beat and go with it. Like I fell in love with a beat and the rest is history," says Robinson.
The 24-year-old says music is in his blood and even co-owns a record label, Gold Expectations.
By doing this, he wanted to show others that it's possible to do your own thing and be your own big company as opposed to assimilating.
His inspiration for songs doesn’t always come from personal experiences. He says he makes songs to resonate with the masses. By having many conversations with people who tell him what they're going through, he realizes that if one person is going through this, others are too. 
He says being raised on public assistance, and getting over that, was a major barrier, particularly in the Bronx.
"Real life happens while you're trying to pursue what you want to do, especially in a place like this,” says Robinson.

No matter how big the social media following, he says staying true to himself is non-negotiable.
"Right now, I'm just more focused on becoming successful, keeping my morals and principles intact, just staying, you know, like wholesome,” says Robinson.