BronxWorks farm stand provides affordable produce for Bronx residents

As businesses across the city begin to open their doors, some residents across the Bronx are still feeling the financial burdens of the pandemic.
BronxWorks says it is here to help those residents in distress, and is providing affordable produce at its farm stand.
The farm stand will help Bronx residents by providing produce, recipes and nutrition tips so they can make big gains in the kitchen at a low cost.
BronnxWorks sets up its farm stand outside the Carolyn McLaughlin Community Center. Organizers say they hope to serve as many families as possible who have been affected by coronavirus.
Organizers say all the produce is fresh and local, including apples, carrots and kale.
While the food is not free, shoppers can keep costs low. EBT and SNAP payment options are also available.
Visitors will, however, notice some changes from previous years. Recipe demonstrations will be provided online instead of in person to help with social distancing practices, and all visitors will be asked to wear a mask when picking out produce.
Another stand can be found in the Mott Haven section of the Bronx which is open weekly on Mondays.