Day care centers prepare to reopen across the city after monthslong closure

Child care programs in the city are set to reopen Monday after being closed for several months due to the pandemic.
More than 3,000 programs will reopen across the city with requirements including social distancing, which means no more than 15 people can be in a room at a time.
All children and staff will be required to wear face coverings.
Daily health screenings and regular cleaning and disinfecting will also take place.
Mayor Bill de Blasio says staff will have to regulate any items that children use, such as toys. He wants the sharing of those items to be limited.
The mayor also says that child care is something that families need and reopening the programs will help families get their livelihoods back.
"I've talked to so many parents that are trying to support their kids, be at-home educators, still somehow try to hold down a job or try to find a new job to make ends meet," de Blasio says. "It's been really, really tough for parents so bringing back child care is crucial."
De Blasio says that the restart is part of helping family to keep moving forward.