Debate continues over whether man accused of killing EMT can stand trial

The man accused of running of killing an EMT by running her over with her own ambulance was back in court Thursday, with a large crowd representing the victim.
The debate over whether Jose Gonzalez, 25,  is fit to stand trial raged on at the Bronx Supreme Court. Previously, two doctors ruled Gonzalez was mentally unfit, two times each. A psychiatrist appointed by the district attorney testified that he should stand trial.
The judge noted that it was interesting the defense chose the same two doctors to re-evaluate Gonzalez, rather than picking two new, independent doctors.
Emotions ran high as the prosecution walked through the different elements of Dr. Nicole Charder's evaluation, including phone calls placed by Gonzalez from Rikers Island. Those calls indicated Gonzalez wanted to go home, and hoped his evaluation was "lit."
"It is quite obvious that the man has been playing the system for almost two years," says Uniformed EMTs President Oren Barzilay.
Family and co-workers appeared exhausted, having to once again revisit the death of Yadira Arroyo, a veteran of Station 26 in the Bronx for 14 years.
The two doctors who found Gonzalez was unfit to stand trial will take the stand next.