Education Ambassador: Geanine Cilenti

Passionate for entrepreneurship, the creator of Trendy Chaos, Geanine Cilenti, began her career in business with fashion merchandising.
Since becoming a wife and starting a family in New York, she aspires to lend her voice as a woman and a mother through all her work. Producing celebrity and influencer events from the East to West coast, Geanine has established her platform in blogger campaign activations, and as a social media influencer/blogger.
Always making moves with a smile on her face, Geanine loves to connect with new people and finds the good in each day— even when life's chaos gets in the way, aka the current pandemic and our need for normalcy. She has two children - a son and daughter.
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Sept. 16 - Geanine give a recap for the school week, and the challenges they faced.
Sept. 4 - Geanine talks about the first day challenges with remote learning and some fun for the family. 
Aug. 31 - Geanine talks about her planning process for going back to school during COVID-19.