Foundation builds 2 Bronx homes for families of vets receiving medical care

The Fisher House Foundation has provided homes for more than 300,000 families of veterans receiving medical care for close to three decades – the latest two residences are being built in the Bronx.
Ken Fisher, chairman and CEO of the foundation, was in Riverdale Monday to tour the 81 and 82 houses that are currently under construction.
The homes have been built nationwide to provide veterans' families a place to stay while their loved ones receive treatment.

"Houses that are comfort homes for families to stay in as long as they need to, free of charge,” says Fisher.

The two homes are located next to the James J. Peters Medical Center in Kingsbridge Heights.
James J. Peters Medical Center director Dr. Erik Langhoff says treatment often takes a long period of time,  and having family close helps with the recovery.

"We need the family close by, and it's so important in clinical care that we can unite the care with the patient and the family,” he says.

Some crew members who are constructing the house have close ties to the cause because they are also veterans.
"To know that I'm working on a job here that's gonna help other veterans and their families fills me up inside, I'm thrilled," says Navy vet Jeff Tomah.

On a given night, up to 32 families will be able to stay close to their loved ones at the two Fisher Houses. They are expected to be completed this May.