HUD administrator to live in NYCHA buildings across NYC for 4 weeks

An administrator with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development will be living in NYCHA buildings across New York City for the next four weeks, beginning in the Bronx.
Administrator Lynne Patton started her stay at the Patterson Houses in Mott Haven Monday.
Patton says she'll be living with a family for one week before moving on to the next NYCHA building, which she will be doing four times. She began her stay by taking her host family grocery shopping.
Tenants who live in the Patterson Houses say they're confused by the idea, and that they feel like it's a slap in the face to residents and wonder if the stay will do any good.
They also say they had never seen many housing workers cleaning up or police officers until Monday.
Patton says she plans to document her one-month stay at the NYCHA buildings on her official Facebook page.
She says she spoke with HUD Secretary Ben Carson in Washington, D.C. to go over a short list of candidates who are being considered for an independent federal monitor position that will oversee NYCHA. That position, and the position of NYCHA chair, are not held by permanent appointees.
Patton says that list will be shared with Mayor Bill de Blasio.