Jerry and Son Auto Service offering pickup, delivery service to reduce spread of COVID-19

There is a new way to service customers' auto needs without people needing to leave their homes. 
“Some people are scared to come out, and I don't blame them,” says Chris Orabana at Jerry and Son Auto Service. 
To help reduce the spread of the coronavirus, the auto shop is offering a pickup and delivery auto service. 
“You don't have to come out of the house, leave the key in the mailbox, we will pick up the car and do the service, pay us over the phone and we will bring the car back and put the keys back in the mailbox,” says Orabana. 
The third-generation family-owned auto shop has been in business for 75 years, but the COVID- 19 virus has been driving customers away. 
Orabona says one of the main problems he's facing is that people don't know the auto repair shop is open.         
“Being an essential business to take care of customers, first responders and essential hospital people,” says Orabana.
Besides the daily inspections, oil changes, diagnostics and auto repair,  the auto shop also takes precautions to protect themselves by disinfecting customers' cars that are being serviced.