Legislation would force food delivery apps to disclose where tips are going

Working in the food industry often means relying on tips for a decent income. One legislator is fighting to ensure food delivery workers are getting their fair share.
Dawn Iturriaga has been in the restaurant industry for 40 years. As the manager of Michaelangelo's Restaurant on Arthur Avenue, she says tips are essential for employees.
Her restaurant often uses food delivery apps like GrubHub and DoorDash, which City Councilman Ritchie Torres says has a history of stealing tips from waged workers.
"If I as a customer give a worker a tip, I'm intending for 100% of the tip to go to the worker," says Torres.
Torres is proposing new legislation that would force delivery app services to disclose how customers' tips are being used and if they are going directly to the person bringing the food to your door, or risk a financial penalty.
Torres says the goal is transparency and to "protect low-wage workers."
In a statement to News 12, DoorDash says, "Customers can rest assured that 100% of their tip goes directly to the dasher who earned it, in addition to the base pay our company offers for each delivery."