‘Life of Dad’ co-founder suggests parents get kids Brainly account for remote learning

A New York City father is sharing what he has learned as a dad online, and people are listening.

Patrick Quinn knows that being a dad requires fast thinking.
He is the co-founder of “Life of Dad,” a parenting community by and for proud fathers.
"They're able to talk to other dads, get some support, get help or so there and put up stupid dad jokes,” says Quinn.
The site has podcasts, videos and blogs also a massive social media following.
With school starting soon, a suggestion Quinn makes is to get kids a free Brainly account.
"It's a great way for kids to reinforce the learning they already know, but also to get the help they need when they're really struggling and there's not enough educators or parents to help,” says Quinn.
He says Brainly lets kids answer other students’ questions, and it's moderated with experts on hand to expand on and help kids learn various subjects.
He calls Brainly a community and a way for parents to educate their kids while remote learning.
"The kids jump on to get help with subject[s] they're struggling with, and then once they do that they find subjects or help other kids, and it's a great platform for kids to do that,” says Quinn.