NYPD to focus on crime in south Brooklyn during the holiday weekend, put hundreds of extra officers on-duty

Hundreds of extra police officers will be out on the streets of Brooklyn this weekend as part of what the NYPD is calling a “preventative holiday weekend plan.”

Normally Labor Day weekend is filled with celebrations and festivities including J’ouvert and the West Indian American Day Parade, but due to the pandemic this year is different.

The NYPD says it understands people still want to celebrate this weekend, but says it needs to be done so safely.

News 12 is told hundreds of officers will be stationed across south Brooklyn. They’ll also have uniformed officers in unmarked cars working hand-in-hand with field intelligence officers to keep people safe.

They say they’ll also be breaking up any parties that get too large and become a threat to public safety.

This is happening as the number of shootings continues to rise. The NYPD says shootings across the five boroughs are up 33% this year to date when compared to last year. Since June 1, police say there’s been 708 shootings with 899 victims.?

Chief Monahan attributed much of the violence to retaliation between gang members.