NYPD uses virtual reality to teach kids about safe choices

The NYPD is rolling out a virtual reality program that teaches young people how to face the challenges that they may deal with in real life as they reach adulthood.
The program is part of the Options Program, and offers situations for program users to consider and respond to, like being asked to commit a crime, join a gang, or being stopped by police.
"We all know that young people in this city are all into technology,” says Police Chief of Patrol Rodney Harrison. “This is one of the ways we can connect with them to kind of get an understanding of some of the issues that they're going through.”
The NYPD goes to community centers and schools to target the kids that need it most.
The program was created with input from Brooklyn youth.
Three different outcomes are possible for each scenario, News 12 is told. With dialogue, and depending on their movement and the way they answer the prompts, an outcome would result for review and discussion.

The program has enlisted a $500,000 investment from the New York City Police Foundation and aims to reach all precincts by the end of 2020.