SilverBills, city partnership help seniors deal with bill payments

A service that will help seniors pay their bills has partnered with the city’s Department for the Aging, and may be free for some qualifying clients.
SilverBills receives, scrutinizes and ensures that their clients’ bills are paid correctly, while taking the stress out of remembering due dates.
Marci Lobel-Esrig, the company’s founder and general counsel, says she got the idea for SilverBills from her aunt who was struggling to stay on top of the bills.
A trained Department for the Aging staffer first comes to a senior’s home to help determine their needs and create a budget. The Department for the Aging then works with SilverBills to ensure that seniors’ bills are paid on time without seniors having to write checks. The program doesn't provide funds, though.
And while the Bill Payer Program isn’t new, the new partnership aims to help reach even more seniors.
“We’re assessing for what their financial skills and abilities are. Do they have capacity to be able to understand their finances?” said David Knapp, director of the Department for the Aging’s Bill Payer Program.
Anyone interested can contact SilverBills at or
Seniors can call the city's 311 line and ask for the "Bill Payer Program" to see if they qualify for the service for free through the Department for the Aging.